CS-Studio (Phoebus)

"Phoebus" is the lastet update of Control System Studio (CS-Studio). Compared to the original development, it no longer depends on Eclipse RCP. Instead, it offers the Display Builder, Data Browser, Probe, PV Tree, Alarm, Scan, ... with integration to site-specific email, logbook, PV name completion in a more compact package.


To install and run snapshot builds from nightly builds:

  1. Install a recent Java release. OpenJDK 11 is suggested. You may also use Java 9 and 10, but these need to be the Oracle JDKs.
  2. Download the `phoebus-*.zip` for your architecture: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux.
    (SNS users should download the site-specific `product-sns.zip` for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux )
  3. Unzip
  4. Start phoebus.sh (Linux) or phoebus.bat (Windows). For Mac, rename phoebus.sh into phoebus.command.

Start with command line option -help to see available options. The most important one is -settings to provide local settings. Refer to the chapter "Preference Settings" in the online help for more.


  • The online help is also included in the product, access via the `Help` menu.
  • 2018 EPICS meeting Phoebus-Status.pdf.