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This package allows python or jython code to access the scan server. You can assemble new scans, submit them, monitor their progress.

For a general overview of the scan system see “CSS Scan System”, Proceedings of ICALEPCS2013, San Francisco, CA, USA ( or )

Use Case: CS-Studio Displays

For routine execution of the same scan where just a few parameters change, create a CS-Studio display that allows configuring them. A “Submit” button then invokes a jython script which assembles a scan.

Use Case: Table-Based Scans

Scans that need to set devices like motors, temperature controllers etc. to a list of desired position, then maybe start data acquisition at each point, wait for some condition, then move to the next point can often be expressed in a concise table notation.

See scan.table.table_scan

Use Case: Custom Python Scripts

Finally, custom Python scripts can assemble a set of commands, see Scan Client and Scan Commands.